Start Potty Training: Quick Potty Training Guide for Diaper Free Days

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Dealing with toddlers often gives you headaches. You can’t shout orders to your children. It’s not only scared them, but they literally do not understand what you are saying. Children are not mini adults. Talking with them requires different methods. Potty training is a crucial step in parenting. Many parents know the trouble that they have to deal when it comes to training their toddler to use the toilet. They have to suffer wet nights from the failure. However, having your kids running around in their diaper is more embarassing. It’s like a big sign of parenting failure. Potty training requires both sides cooperating to succeed. The big problem lies in this. Parents may have big hope of the succeed of the training, yet children often unwiling to ditch the diapers. Getting quick potty training guide is what you need to get your toddler start using their potty.


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The three days guide from Carol Cline gives you quick potty training guide as solution for this problem. Carol Cline found the tricks using her own experience with her four children. Besides, she runs a baby daycare, which gives her more of experiences to deal with the problem. She shares the same anxiety and fear like any other parents as there are no actual guide for potty training. All she could find were only things like reward certificate, singing potty, and other gimmicks that don’t really work on the problem. She made her own research and found that babies using pullups are the hardest ones to do potty training. The main cause of this problem is children aren’t able to tell their parents when they have to go. Using the children in her daycare, Carol made her own experiment which led her to 6 crucial building blocks in quick potty training guide. The six steps in potty training your children will be a big leap with no returning way as long as you pay attention on the details. This will only require three days to get your children free from their diaper.


The first step is readying your child. The main focus of potty training will be on your child, so you need to ensure that you have told your child that you are going to learn using the toilet. Make a schedule with your child and count down the days to the big day of potty training can work. Next is to prepare yourself for the training. It includes preparing things that you may need for the training. Having all equipments ready for the training will give you confident to deal with the day. Once all the preparation ready, then it’s about the first day. It’s the most crucial step as your child will remember this day. If it goes wrong and your child feel burdened or frustrated about the potty training, then this is what’s going to stick into the mind. You also need to make potty training at night. Wet nights are the worst, so you need to make your child wake up, get up from the bed and walk to the toilet at night. The next two days are the mandatory potty training. Using the quick potty training guide will lead you to the last step of paying very close attention on every detail.

Building Blocks for Potty Training

Cline’s e-Book discusses the six building blocks that are critical to success in potty training your son, as follows:

1. You have to prepare your son for the 3-day training period. There is no minimum age requirement to start potty training; the important factor is his readiness. Cline gives practical tips on how to prepare your child for the activity.

2. You need to prepare yourself. You should know what and what not to do and be able to handle accidents effectively, among many other things. Preparation is the key to success.

3. Recognize how the first day is the most critical among the three days of training. It lays the tone of the succeeding two days. You need to start right on day one.

4. Continue to potty train your child at night. Cline shows you a proven approach on how to do this successfully. This is what distinguishes her e-book from others that also use the 3-day training method.

5. Showing your child how to go to their potty without your help. You will discover from Cline’s e-book how to do this.

6. Deal with regression and accidents. You will discover the secret on how to prevent your child to want to go back using his diapers and how to handle ‘accidents’ the right way.

Why You Should Benefit from the E-Book

This start potty training review finds several reasons you should benefit from Cline’s e-book. Among these are the following:

  • The system enjoys a success rate of 94.7%.
  • You will receive useful resources free of cost as bonuses. These are: (1) certificates and charts for rewarding your child; (2) individualized coaching from Carol Cline; and (3) parenting guide on how you can raise great children.
  • The best reason is perhaps the information you will find from the e-book will enable you to save much on the cost of diapers. With successful results, your son will no longer need diapers for peeing and pooping, just his potty.

Carol Cline’s “Start Potty Training” is an easy read that will bring effective and successful results. You will surely benefit from the start potty training system or your money back, as guaranteed by Cline. Access any other start potty training review and you will see how you will get the same recommendation.